Hotel Room Designing Ideas You Could Use In Your Rooms

Even though we would love to live the luxury life of a suite in a hotel, sometimes reality just tends to strike too hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the suite to your home. So here are some hotel room interior designing ideas that you can incorporate in to your rooms.

Wrap around headboard

The ideal way of defining sleeping space in your room like a hotel, is to add a wrap around headboard. Headboards in fact are like the ‘thing’ these days, so taking it to the next level by not limiting to only the bed space is certainly an improvement that screams ‘suite’. So you can basically get that same vibe without having to visit an ‘actual one’ that works with commercial linen suppliers in Melbourne, bell boys and whatnot. Plus, it is also one amazing and unique detail addition in your bedroom.

Lounge space

In hotels you would notice that a ‘lounge space’ is in fact rather common as hotel linen suppliers. This is because such a space serves as the perfect spot to host guests or do other stuff without messing up the duvet or the bed in general. So if you are aiming at recreating such a look, you can’t forget incorporating this space with some interesting wall décor as a backdrop and comfy chairs. On the other hand, you can also use this space to simply relax, read a book, sip on coffee or take a ‘quick’ cat nap!

Bed in the middle and desk at the back

Another interesting detail in hotel room is the incorporation of a desk and a bed. Mainly because of space constrictions and the efficient use of space, you would see beds being placed at the centre of a room and a table joined to it at the back. So if you want to include a table in your room and feel like you don’t have the required space for it, this just might seem like the ideal designing trick you could use!

A platform

You would notice in certain hotels that the bed is placed on a platform that is higher than the other areas in the room. Generally this is done as a means of separating the living area from the actual bedroom since it is altogether in one space. However, incorporating such a design in to your bedroom would not only add a special touch and feel to it, but also create a relaxing and sleeping space in the same area. Try to incorporate the above ideas in to your rooms and add that much beloved ‘suite’ touch even in to your ordinary comfy home!