The Problems Arise Due To Blocked Drains

blocked drains Brisbane South

In the last two centuries, we have improved our living conditions incredibly. One of the major factors is drainage and sewerage. It has been written in history, that the drainage problem was the major cause of the outbreaks in society. This is the reason that now cities are built after developing the complete infrastructure for the same purpose. This is the main reason whenever any plans to build a house or residential building, they will be designing the drainage first because if there will be any problem in the drainage of the building, the living conditions will become unbearable for the residents. The blocked drains Brisbane South can be the first thing you will notice whenever you will enter any building, the signs will be in the air due to odour. In Brisbane, the building owner has to ensure that they will be unblocking drains because it can serious health hazard. The odour is not only the single problem that arises due to blocked drains but it can lead to a series of problems for the people living in the building and for the structure of the building.

  1. The primary problem that arises due to blocked drains is flooding. The drains are not flowing properly and that will cause the water to be on the floors. That will not only damage the floor but will also be hygienically harmful.
  2. The blocked drains will reduce the life of the drainage systems. The blocked drains will stress the pipes and after a while, cracks will appear on the pipe. Those cracks will cause leakage that will be seeped into the walls and floors. This can be dangerous as if the seepage rate is high it will lower the structural integrity and can cause permanent damage to the building.
  3. Due to the structural damage to the building, the maintenance cost will increase. Never delay unblocking the drains because the longer the drainage, it will be more costly to unblock drains. Not only this, but the maintenance cost will be also on the structure of the building that has been damaged due to flooding or seepage. You have to put on new paint on the walls or tiles on the floor.
  4. The unblocked drains are not related to the drainage system of the building but they can also affect the watercourses to which they are finally connected. The blocked drain network may cause flooding in the natural watercourse of the system that will not only affect single building but also the people living in the surrounding. Plus, there will be environmental effects due to odour and the pests that will be attracted to affected watercourses. The blocked drains can have a drastic impact on the social, health and financial aspects of people.